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Jacinth is a huge fan of meeting new people because they often bring new stories. With a bachelor’s in journalism, storytelling comes second nature to her. Jacinth's professional experience in digital, print and broadcast journalism has played an integral role in her ability to create engaging content. Her work has been featured in TeenVogue, HBCUBuzz, NBC Washington and WUSA9.  

When the Houston native is not writing, you can probably find her listening to Drake or eating tacos. Jacinth is a proud graduate of Howard University. You can follow Jacinth @jacinnyy



Social Media Coordinator

Jada is a senior at Howard University and will be earning her bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems. Her interests for technology and business has cultivated a unique perspective for social media content. The Houston native wears many hats at COSMiC, but mainly manages our Monday Mix - a weekly series of recently released songs we’re listening to all week long. 


Jada’s hobbies include listening to music submissions, watching movies and looking up new recipes she never cooks. You can follow Jada on Instagram @j.ada.j and Twitter @jonesxjada.




JaJuan, also known as J.Malachi, is an avid entertainment writer who finds purpose through his editorial coverage of all things pop culture, television/film and music. Hailing from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and Allerton Avenue in The Bronx, JaJuan prides himself on being a direct product of New York’s culturally rich landscape. He attended New York University where he earned a bachelor’s in English Literature.


JaJuan has contributed to an eclectic array of prominent digital news outlets including NPR, The Knockturnal, Fox News and NBC New York. Some of his personal hobbies include bike riding, creating hip-hop/r&b playlists, reading self-help literature, traveling to new places, quality conversation, cooking new recipes, and shootin’ hoops. JaJuan’s life motto is Philippians 4:13. You can follow JaJuan @jmalachi_.




Sydney is a media professional by day and a budding music blogger by night. She takes pride in her deep passion for all things related to Black music and culture. Hailing from Atlanta but residing in Brooklyn, Sydney maintains an interest in dissecting the unique subcultures of the cities she calls home. She earned her BA in Media, Journalism and Film from Howard University


In her free time, Sydney enjoys adding new music to her catalog and finding new Black businesses to support. You can follow Sydney @sydwill97

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