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101 Best Memes & Tweets of the 2020 Election

Five days into the presidential election and many have expressed on social media high levels of stress and anxiety. The uncertainty and suspicion plaguing this election has led many to follow minute-by-minute coverage on CNN, MSNBC and the Associated Press. John King of CNN and Steve Kornacki with NBC News have been Twitter’s breakout stars since Tuesday evening.

Despite all of President Trump’s antics to “stop the count,” election and Black Twitter has found humor in the chaos. Here are the best election tweets and memes to get you through the day and an unpredictable post-election season.

*This will be updated throughout the course of the election.

1. We love Moonlight.

2. And they better let me in too.

3. Gave that man new life.

4. Stanley is me and I am Stanley.

5. Because I'm definitely moving to the six after this.

6. Wasn't even close.

7. The youth are the future.

8. They're really the dream team.

9. This man really been on TV for 24 hours straight at this point

10. My knees would've been hurting.

11. Back and forth ALL night.

12. Ju love to see it.

13. Baby don't play about his count.

14. Falling asleep and everything.

15. Anything can happen at this point.

16. T.I.P was ahead of his time.

17. We was waiting but Ms. Michigan came through.


19. Just cut Nevada some slack already.

20. We getting twisted in the O.

21. Amen girl.


23. "Yea I don't recognize the activity I'm seeing on my card."

24. Nahhh who put Obama in the car?

25. I'm on my way chile.

26. All them states coming through.

27. Check innnnnn.


29. Crisis management staff is en route.

30. It ain't wasted, keep voting.

31. Dispute them all.

32. They shouldn't be.

33. In the name of the Father, the Bone and the Holy Spirit.

34. In that same voice too.

35. All hell breaking lose.

36. I would be.

37. Taking they damn time.

38. Bomboclaat

39. COVID still hitting.

40. You know y'all wrong for this.

41. Trying harrrrd.

42. Because y'all don't even got it like that.

43. Some people obviously aren't struggling.

44. It's giving what needs to be gave.

45. Get some blue in the mix.

46. Lol cuz racism been here for a lil while already.

48. Toss them up.

49. We tried, it didn't work.

50. This is definitely how we comin.

51. Nevada is definitely THAT friend.

52. Put it in the air.

53. It just doesn't match up with the anatomy.

54. Cuz Nevada clearly doesn't care.

55. And they gonna make it to day four the way they acting.

56. John King is all gas no breaks.

57. Ain't claiming all that red.

58. When I tell you I haven't done a thing since Tuesday.

59. Pick up the paceeee.

60. Lol girrlllll....

61. Internal struggle happens within us all.

62. A true slum.


64. Honestly. Truly.


66. The way there's already been fan cams of John King and Chris Cuomo.

67. Biden signed to 4PF now.

68. nah cause it's really about to be a whole new administration if she pulls this off.

69. I've been praying for times like this since Tuesday night.

70. But shoutout to our good sis for all her efforts.

71. But the way Georgia's Secretary of State wants a recount.

72. We love to see it.

73. shoutout to Philly for putting the country on its back.

74. Let me make a TikTok election thread ASAP.

75. This shouldn't be as funny as it is.

76. It's bout time we assembled.

77. It's the mask for me.

78. Because at this point...

79. It's really too close to call with all these states and the fact that as a collective we've assumed Joe Biden as the winner has me crying.


81. The memes are the only thing keeping me going at this point.


83. and don't you forget it.

84. the jokes really write themselves.

85. ngl they had me in the first half.


87. I'm actually crying.

88. this really been the anthem since November 3.

89. Live look at BLM Plaza.

90. It's about time.


92. MOOD

93. Here for Joe Budden jokes for the next four years.

94. let's talk about it.

95. shoutout to all the journalists covering 2020 campaign since 2019.

96. a BIG THANK YOU to HBCUs for getting us to this moment.

97. sounds like something I would def tweet.

98. I'm tired of yall acting like True Jackson wasn't the first Black VP.

99. Saturday was really a movie.

100. I'll be saying this EXACT sentence January 20, 2021.

101. It's the creativity for me.

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